• The Krytac Vector & our Modular Custom made drum mags. Available both on our website! #krytac #vector #modulardrum #isashop
  • Drop stocks in stock! https://isashop.eu/nl/943-drop-stock
  • Hot new item for your Umarex Glock. Spare bottom plates with an easy accesible fill hole.
  • Back in stock!
  • New Umbrella Armory  products live on site!
  • New LCT pictures, Grips, Silencers, mags,...etc.
  • The AAP01 Folding Stock.
  • New patches available on our site!
  • New addition to the training knives, AK74 and AKM Bayonets.
  • Want something different for your AAP01? How about this MAK Drill Kit? Preorders are open now. Expected delivery at the moment is March.
  • Hot in! 🔥
EPM1 250rds Midcaps!
  • Hot in! 🔥
EPM1 250rds Midcaps!
  • Have you seen the LCT AK Tracer Units?
Check them out:
  • StratAIM Grenades, let’s test these bad boys! Want one, check our website isashop.eu
  • Claw Gear Storm MK.II Lighter
  • ABL Bush Hats, we got them in stock!
#isashop #abl #belgium #jigsaw #hat #gear
  • StratAIM, available on our website! #airsoft #grenade #isashop
  • New patches available on our site! #normandy #spitfire #patch #isashop #gear
  • Wolf Grey tactical loadout. Get your kit from our store! #wolfgrey #tactical #gear #isashop www.isashop.eu

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-- CORONA UPDATE 24/03/2021--

ISASHOP is still open.
If you want to visit our store, you'll have to make an appointment.
See the reservationlist below: