What does ± 3 - 9 working days mean?
The product is not in stock, but is available with our supplier.
We order the product with our supplier as soon as your payment is received. We receive the product within said working days. If not, be sure to send us an email!
Most of the times, order on monday, we'll receive the ordered products thursday or friday. If you order a product on wednesday, you'll receive the product next week thursday or friday.

What does Preorder mean?
The article is not in stock and it isn't available with our supplier. The supplier already ordered the product and should receive it soon.

We receive an ETA by our supplier as soon as he has a date. We'll notify you of said date on the product page or in a separate email.
You can always order the product, then you're certain that you'll get the product. (Depending on the amount of products available ofcourse. First paid, first served!)

Be sure about a preorder item! As they can not be cancelled!

What does it cost to reservate an item?
Nothing, it's free of charge!

How do I order products that aren't available?

  1. You order the product(s) via our webstore using the shopping cart.
  2. We order the product(s) with our supplier as soon as the payment is received.
  3. As soon as the item is available in our store, you can collect it or we'll ship it to you.
    If the item isn't available anymore, we'll refund you the amount.

You can't cancel special ordered products!