Fusion Engine HPA Drop-In Kit M249 Black


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€ 189,90

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Model VSR-10

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To convert a VSR-10 type spring sniper rifle to HPA

SDIK - Sniper Drop in Kit - a set of components which allows converting a spring rifle into gas-powered rifle. It is cheap and very effective method to upgrade.

The entire structure was designed from the ground up - as evidenced by the patent issued. The Conversion Kit is based on a simple and effective system of gas supply that is reliable and durable.

With proper construction and materials, the mechanism does not burden other components of a gun - they may be standard (e.g., the trigger assembly, cylinder etc). Rifle can be reloaded with one finger - overcharging is very smooth.

By using an appropriate regulator it is possible to obtain very stable (+ /-3fps), satisfactory fps.

 In some rifles assembly may require modification of the body/parts.

  • Compatibility: VSR-10, Well M28, Well MB-02, Well MB-03
  • Materials: Alimunium
  • HPA connector: 4mm hose

Included: SDIK HPA system, 4mm HPA hose (1.30m)