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CGS Type 1 12g Co2


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The CGS from PolarStar is a great solution for those interested in obtaining HPA system for their AR-15 style replica but they held back because of the additional tank and air line. CGS gives the user the performance advantage of a HPA in a compact system without additional restrictions or clumsiness. 
It shows great results when combined with PolarStar cylinder conversion kits such as the F2™, F1™ or JACK™, but it is compatible also with other similar HPA cylinder systems on the market.
Build-in regulator shares the same internal features as PolarStar's other compact regulators. It has an output pressure range of 40-130psi and it can be easily adjusted by using a 3/32 allen key. Also for specific event regulations, it can be locked out using a standard zip tie which blocks the adjustment screw. 
The CO2 configuration comes with a special buffer tube and insert for 12g CO2 cartridges commonly used for Airsoft and Air Guns which makes it possible to use traditional Milspec buttstocks.
Type 1 is designed for use with M4 series AEG receivers that accept mil-spec threaded buffer tubes such as the G&P R3 and Umarex HK416A5 series – requires modification of the standard gearbox shell.  

Average shot count using an F2™ at 1.5J w/ .28g and 6.05x380mm: 12g = ~180 shots, 
Simple zip-tie lockout/tournament lock.
Not compatible with Fusion Engine™.
HP Spring Not Included.
Min Output Pressure: 40 PSI
Max Output Pressure: 130 PSI (~200 PSI with HP Spring, p/n 10000692)
Max Input Pressure: 900 PSI
Outputs: Interfaces w/ Airline (6mm OD x 4mm ID))